Teamviewer remote conn stucks after windows 10 monthly update

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2 days ago, there was an automatic Windows 10 update. Since then I am not able to connect to my windows 10 machine. It stucks at the "Initializing display parameters" screen after connecting to the PC. Is there any known issue with the last Windows Update? It's also not possible to connect to this machine via my Android phone.


  • W_deFazio
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    Hello Arminio,

    Thank you for your post.

    There is no known issues with the latest Windows update and TeamViewer.  

    Try first just rebooting the machine, if that doesn't solve it, please do the following:


    -Uninstall any versions of TeamViewer via the add/remove programs option.

    -Go to Regedit: remove the full TeamViewer folders located in

    -Also, please delete the entire TeamViewer folder located in %temp% (Open File Explorer and on the address bar type %temp%)

    -Restart the machine.

    -Download and install a fresh copy of TeamViewer from our website. 

    I hope that solves the issue.



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    I have the same issue as described in this topic with latest 12.0.72365 TeamViewer version and not see any solution on this forum.

    Sorry, I have posted not right topic. I mean the same discusion in this topic.

    And problem as I see when disconnect monitop from PC.