Ubuntu - .deb package won't connect after system relog - .tar package won't install

I'm currently running Ubuntu 17.04.

.deb - This installation method works fine until I have to log back into Ubuntu after being logged out and then Teamviewer can no longer connect to the login server. It always attempts connection until it says "Sign In request failed! The server did not respond. Please try again."

I can uninstall the package and reinstall it via `sudo dpkg -i teamviewer.deb` and then it will work but again, only until I have to log in again.

.tar.gz - I extracted the archive and clicked on tv-setup and it opened a terminal that instructed me that `tv-setup install` was the command to run the installation but that always just returns `tv-setup: command not found`. Even though if I do `ls` I can see that tv-setup is right there in my working directory so it seems that tv-setup just isn't working at all on this version of Ubuntu.

Since there's no area to upload attachments, here's Pastebin URLs of the logs:



(These logs are from trying to run the .deb version of Teamviewer 12 after relogging into Ubuntu and having Teamviewer fail to connect to the server)


  • I am having the same problem. I have two pcs, both with Ubuntu Gnome. After restart or power-off, i can't login anymore... "Failed to connect ..."

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    Same issue .... aarrggh !!

    Running Ubuntu 17.10 recently fulle installed and I can't login anymore to my system after Teamviewer installation. Seems to be a X or Graphic error ...

    Any help or advice ? Any experience ?