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How to get @ or # on a Mac in a Paralles-VM running Windows10


Situation: Remote control from a Windows PC to a Mac (Mac Book Pro). On the Macbook there runs Windows 10 in a Parallels-VM.

How can i type e.g. the signs @ or #.

On the PC for i have to type these combinations to get the following characters:
Alt-Gr + 2  ->>
Alt-Gr + 3  ->> #

On the Mac himself i get these characters via Teamviewer without any problems. But in the Parallels-VM running on the Mac the don't work.
For Alt-Gr + 2 i get q and for Alt-GR + 3 i get 3.

Any idea how to use my normal PC-keyboard to work on Mac and Parallels?

Thanks for your support and best regards,

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