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Need for Static IP Connection????

I am a long term user of Windows Remote Desktop. With our new National Broadband Network in Australia I am informed by my ISP that I cannot have a Static or Fixed IP address. Does Team Viewer need a fixed or Static IP address for access to my office computer from my Laptop.  My office PC is Win 10 Prof and my Laptop is Win 7 Prof.  I also have an Asus Tablet which has Win 8.1 Basic with Remote Access but no provision for access via Remote Desktop.

I need remote access.  Can someone enlighten me please.

In anticipation: Thank You


  • iainwels
    iainwels Posts: 121 ✭✭

    Hello HowardL,

    In regards of you're questions. You do not have to have a static ip address to connect to any device you want to connect to but you can not access your tablet from you're computer but in other way it is possible, if you want to connect to your office computer using your tablet you can, you only need to insert the pc's ID and password for a connection and.

    I hope this helps,

    Thank you for choosing for teamviewer!

    With kind regards, Met vriendelijke groet,
    Iain Wels,
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