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Cannot resize windows on remote desktop

I just thought you might like to know that using TV12 on two Win 10 systems, the window resize facility on a window on the remote desktop doesn't work because the little resize arrows do not appear when you hover the mouse over an edge or a corner.

This problem is cured by plugging a mouse into the remote system.

Of course, I found this the hard way !.



  • VoVo
    VoVo Posts: 1

    Yep!  That's the cure sadly....

  • That did the trick! Thank you!
  • stlrich
    stlrich Posts: 1

    The two fixes mentioned also fix the issue of the taskbar not showing, if you are using auto-hide.

  • rdpoor
    rdpoor Posts: 2

    The fix proposed by Mrorpheus worked for me with one modification:

    Navigate to Settings => Ease of Access => Interaction => Mouse

    ... and enable "Turn on Mouse Keys to use the numeric keypad to move the mouse pointer".

    In my case, I had to leave it enabled rather than toggle it as proposed by Mrorpheus.  But that worked. 

    @Mrorpheus wrote:

    I found this so annoying had to look for a fix, here's a good workaround, goto 'settings/ease of access/mouse' then toggle on 'use numeric keypad to move mouse around the screen' - Voila you get your resize mouse pointer back! 


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