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Extra typed character after every spacebar or "enter" key press

Hi! I love TeamViewer and have been using it for years to connect to my iMac from a Windows computer when I'm away from home. Unfortunately for a few months now the remote Mac always adds the letter "a" after every spacebar or “enter” key press. This also happens when I log onto my iMac remotely. I can't type my password and then press "Enter" because the extra letter appears and the password is refused. Instead I have to type the password, then click the login button. I've gone through several updates since this started happening, and have tried completely reinstalling the app on both my iMac and Windows computers. I also just updated to TeamViewer 13 Beta and it's still happening.

Any ideas?

Thanks! Kevin

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  • kludwig61
    kludwig61 Posts: 3

    Kevin again. No responses? I'm still having this issue. It happens when accessing BOTH my MacBook and iMac from my work Windows computer. Thanks!

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