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Multiple monitors, mixed portrait and landscape

With v13 on Mac accessing  remote Windows 10 running v12 with 3 monitors.
Remote system has laptop scrreen monitor 1, and two 4K2 portrait monitors 2 & 3.
Laptop monitor on right, two 4k2 to the left.
I have the taskbar at the top of the screen, which even Microsoft doesn't always handle well.

Bug 1)  I lose the Original resolution view of the 4k2 monitors
Not exactly sure how to reproduce this, but only once did I see each of the 4k2 screens at original resoution, at the start of the session. Once the problem exists, selecting View > Scaling > Original or Scaled makes no difference, it is always scaled to match monitor height.

Bug 2) View > Select single window does not give focus to the application
The requested single application window is shown, at original scale, but does not have focus and can not be interacted with.  Moving the mouse only moves the client pointer, the remort pointer can ve seen as a double-headed arrow at the top of the screen as if it could not enter the window.

Bug 3) Extras > Remote update does not reconnect afterupdate
I tried to update the v12 remote to v13 in case 1 & 2 were because of differing versions.
After the update started, I chose the option to wait and reconnect.
The remote system never restarted TeamViewer.

1) Client hot-key to enable grabber hand mode to scroll by click-snd-drag of the screen.

2) Add scale-to-height or scale-to-width options
Where the remote screen is wider and taller than the client screen, allow user to choose which scaling mode to use.  Scaled will scale to fit everythng, Scaled Width will scale as wide as possible and scroll vertically.