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Start TV remotely

I need to get TV started on one of my remote systems that is showing as offline.  Is there a way to do this?

Thank you!


  • Chiron
    Chiron Posts: 226 ✭✭

    You would need access some other way to get TeamViewer to start. Is TeamViewer running on another computer that is on the same LAN as your target computer? If so, you could potentially use Windows Remote Desktop, a remote powershell session, or SSH (depending on your situation) to start TeamViewer or reboot the computer.

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  • Unfortunately it is physically remote and on a different LAN.  Otherwise, yeah, I would just RDP to it.  I was hoping someone knew of a different way when TV wasn't showing as running on the remote system.

  • Install TeamViewer on Raspberry pi3 .Then using a relay switch connected to GPIO pins of the Pi  and tha TV ,you can on/off the TV remortly .But you can only on/off the TV by this method.

  • I like to propose the following conceptual method to control your TV using TeamViwer.

    First install TeamViewer on the computer (with wifi an bluetooth).Then install an android version on the computer using VirtualBox. On the android install Easy Universal TV Remote (get from Google Play).Once you connect the PC remotely using TeamViewer ,I think the TV can be controlled.

    Note :- On/Off of TV can be done by using Raspberry pi with a relay switch.

  • TV=TeamViewer not television, in this case.

  • I am sorry.Please excuse me for the mistake.