Teamviewer Linux Segfault in wine gentoo


This is with the latest version of teamviewer 12 in the gentoo repository, I also tried 10 and 11, I have tried different kernel versions, and the system wine, which reports as wine-2.6, and windows 7. I have tried multiple versions of wine, and multiple versions of TeamViewer among other things. I cant seem to get the latest libxcb-9999 to compile, due to python errors, but the only official version included in the main gentoo repository is libxcb-1.12-r2. All of the other ebuilds I have found in other repositories fail to build with python errors.  I can also say that I have tested both the included version of wine, and the system wine with other 32bit apps, and have no issues with them. If you have any ideas what else I can try, I only found one other thread that was similar, and that is but there is no answer, or ideas on how to fix this issue. here is the log from wine, where it crashes.

Unhandled exception: page fault on read access to 0xffffffff in 32-bit code (0x7e3ff2f5).
Register dump:
CS:0023 SS:002b DS:002b ES:002b FS:0063 GS:006b
EIP:7e3ff2f5 ESP:0032f798 EBP:7cb16c50 EFLAGS:00010246( R- -- I Z- -P- )
EAX:00000001 EBX:7e41f000 ECX:00000000 EDX:00000000
ESI:7cb16c50 EDI:7e41f000
Stack dump:
0x0032f798: 00000001 00000000 7cb17db8 7e3ff7a9
0x0032f7a8: 7cb16c5c 00000001 7cb16c50 7e3ff50c
0x0032f7b8: 00000001 00000000 7e41f000 0032f884
0x0032f7c8: 00000000 7cb16c5c 00000000 00000000
0x0032f7d8: 7cb16c50 7cb1be78 00002dcc 5f9ace00
0x0032f7e8: 000b006c 00120000 00000010 7e41f000
=>0 0x7e3ff2f5 in (+0xb2f5) (0x7cb16c50)
1 0x7e400a6a in (+0xca69) (0x00000000)
2 0x7e400af9 xcb_wait_for_reply+0x78() in (0x00000000)
3 0x7e4100d0 xcb_query_extension_reply+0x1f() in (0x7cb1be20)
4 0x7e402134 xcb_get_extension_data+0x8b() in (0x7cb1be20)
5 0x7e3fee47 xcb_prefetch_maximum_request_length+0x7e() in (0x00000001)
6 0x7e3feecf xcb_get_maximum_request_length+0x2e() in (0x00000001)
7 0x7e44a32e XOpenDisplay+0x8cd() in (0x00000001)
8 0x7da10cf3 get_linux_info+0x52() in tvwine (0x0032fad0)
9 0x006255fd in teamviewer (+0x2255fc) (0x0032fd04)
0x7e3ff2f5: ldsl %ecx,%edi
Module Address Debug info Name (84 modules)
PE 400000- 16b6000 Export teamviewer
ELF 7ac00000-7ac56000 Deferred riched20<elf>
\-PE 7ac10000-7ac56000 \ riched20
ELF 7b800000-7ba4e000 Deferred kernel32<elf>
\-PE 7b810000-7ba4e000 \ kernel32
ELF 7bc00000-7bcc8000 Deferred ntdll<elf>
\-PE 7bc10000-7bcc8000 \ ntdll
ELF 7bf00000-7bf04000 Deferred <wine-loader>
ELF 7d9fe000-7da1a000 Dwarf tvwine<elf>
\-PE 7da00000-7da19000 \ tvwine
ELF 7da1a000-7da9a000 Deferred gdiplus<elf>
\-PE 7da30000-7da9a000 \ gdiplus
ELF 7da9a000-7dabd000 Deferred imm32<elf>
\-PE 7daa0000-7dabd000 \ imm32
ELF 7dabd000-7dbe1000 Deferred oleaut32<elf>
\-PE 7dad0000-7dbe1000 \ oleaut32
ELF 7dbe1000-7dc20000 Deferred dsound<elf>
\-PE 7dbf0000-7dc20000 \ dsound
ELF 7dc20000-7dd06000 Deferred quartz<elf>
\-PE 7dc30000-7dd06000 \ quartz
ELF 7dd06000-7dd1b000 Deferred avicap32<elf>
\-PE 7dd10000-7dd1b000 \ avicap32
ELF 7dd1b000-7dd44000 Deferred msacm32<elf>
\-PE 7dd20000-7dd44000 \ msacm32
ELF 7dd44000-7ddfb000 Deferred winmm<elf>
\-PE 7dd50000-7ddfb000 \ winmm
ELF 7ddfb000-7de26000 Deferred msvfw32<elf>
\-PE 7de00000-7de26000 \ msvfw32
ELF 7de26000-7de5b000 Deferred uxtheme<elf>
\-PE 7de30000-7de5b000 \ uxtheme
ELF 7de5b000-7df4c000 Deferred comctl32<elf>
\-PE 7de60000-7df4c000 \ comctl32
ELF 7df4c000-7dfbc000 Deferred shlwapi<elf>
\-PE 7df60000-7dfbc000 \ shlwapi
ELF 7dfbc000-7e1e4000 Deferred shell32<elf>
\-PE 7dfd0000-7e1e4000 \ shell32
ELF 7e1e4000-7e258000 Deferred rpcrt4<elf>
\-PE 7e1f0000-7e258000 \ rpcrt4
ELF 7e258000-7e384000 Deferred ole32<elf>
\-PE 7e270000-7e384000 \ ole32
ELF 7e384000-7e38b000 Deferred
ELF 7e38b000-7e397000 Deferred
ELF 7e397000-7e3aa000 Deferred
ELF 7e3aa000-7e3ae000 Deferred
ELF 7e3ae000-7e3bb000 Deferred
ELF 7e3bb000-7e3c7000 Deferred
ELF 7e3c7000-7e3cb000 Deferred
ELF 7e3cb000-7e3e8000 Deferred
ELF 7e3e8000-7e3ef000 Deferred
ELF 7e3ef000-7e3f4000 Deferred
ELF 7e3f4000-7e420000 Dwarf
ELF 7e420000-7e56c000 Dwarf
ELF 7e5c1000-7e635000 Deferred winex11<elf>
\-PE 7e5d0000-7e635000 \ winex11
ELF 7e717000-7e742000 Deferred
ELF 7e742000-7e78c000 Deferred
ELF 7e78c000-7e7a5000 Deferred
ELF 7e7a5000-7e7e3000 Deferred
ELF 7e7e3000-7e7f5000 Deferred
ELF 7e7f5000-7e8af000 Deferred
ELF 7e8b2000-7e8c8000 Deferred
ELF 7e904000-7e96f000 Deferred advapi32<elf>
\-PE 7e910000-7e96f000 \ advapi32
ELF 7e96f000-7ea74000 Deferred gdi32<elf>
\-PE 7e980000-7ea74000 \ gdi32
ELF 7ea74000-7ebc4000 Deferred user32<elf>
\-PE 7ea90000-7ebc4000 \ user32
ELF 7eef5000-7ef02000 Deferred
ELF 7ef02000-7ef0f000 Deferred
ELF 7ef0f000-7ef2a000 Deferred
ELF 7ef2a000-7ef34000 Deferred
ELF 7ef34000-7ef4f000 Deferred
ELF 7ef4f000-7efab000 Deferred
ELF 7efb8000-7efd1000 Deferred version<elf>
\-PE 7efc0000-7efd1000 \ version
ELF 7efd1000-7f000000 Deferred ws2_32<elf>
\-PE 7efe0000-7f000000 \ ws2_32
ELF f72e6000-f72eb000 Deferred
ELF f72eb000-f74b2000 Deferred
ELF f74b2000-f74d1000 Deferred
ELF f74d7000-f74e0000 Deferred
ELF f7526000-f76d9000 Dwarf
ELF f76db000-f7700000 Deferred
ELF f7702000-f7703000 Deferred [vdso].so
process tid prio (all id:s are in hex)
00000008 (D) C:\TeamViewer\TeamViewer.exe
0000001f 0
0000001e 0
0000001d 0
0000001c 0
0000001b 0
00000009 0 <==
0000000e services.exe
00000011 0
00000010 0
0000000f 0
00000018 explorer.exe
0000001a 0
00000019 0
System information:
Wine build: wine-1.6
Platform: i386
Host system: Linux
Host version: 4.11.1-gentoo

I should also mention, I have tested the wine included with teamviewer with other 32bit windows apps, and they seem to work fine.

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