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Data breach situation - need help to interpret a log left behind...

I posted yesterday and got 32 views and no responses so I'm trying again. My elderly mother was victimized by a scammer who posed as tech support and got her to install TeamViewer12 (desktop and client both) on her Mac. There's a partial log left behind that I am trying to understand. The TeamViewer12 user guides have minimal information and mention that management functions for the log is only supported for commercial licenses. I can't find any information about how to interpret the log file.

Any suggestions for where to look for that kind of info?

Any idea where I can find someone with the right knowledge to pay for some support? Inside of TeamViewer or privately? I'd love to get the kind of support that I hope they give to commercial clients on a one-time-pay basis if that's available.

Really hoping for some helpful input here - feeling left out in the cold by the big company that makes a product that is easy for bad guys to use to victimize vulnerable people but doesn't document the most basic things that would be helpful to families trying to help their loved one recover from the attack. There's an obvious gap in service that someone could be filling here!


  • Reyhan
    Reyhan Posts: 270 Staff member 🤠

    Hi @petuniasauntie,

    Thank you for your post. I'm sorry to hear, that your mother had this experience. 

    The log files are exclusively designed for our supporter to solve technical issues. 

    I recommend you to contact our Team directly in such scam cases, please send all information you have to [email protected]

    We have also a knowledge base article with further statement here

    Wish you all the best,


    Did my reply answer your question? Please accept it as a solution to help others, Thanks.
  • Reyhan,

    Thank you very much for your response and the advice to contact [email protected] I have send an email to them with the details I have and the partial log file. I hope to hear back from them with information interpreting the log file. You asked me to "accept as a solution" in response to your note. I will be happy to consider that after I hear back from the TV fraud team. So far I don't actually know that contacting them is going to result in a solution that will be helpful to me. But I am hopeful based on your note and look forward to the next step!

    I also appreciate the link you sent, though I had already seen it. I would encourage you, as moderator, to add a bit more information about what people can do to document the situation in a data breach (what information should we gather from our breached computers) and what type of response we can reasonably expect from your fraud department (clearly many of us in situations like this will hope for personalized support and that may not be possible, or not to the extent we would like; but what can we expect?)

    Thanks again - hope to hear back soon!