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TeamViewer 12 unable to connect other then through the internet after external connection

TeamViewer 12 is unable to be connected to from another machine running the same TeamViewer virsion over LAN.This problem only arises once I have logged on externally into TeamViewer 12. Before I log into TeamViewer 12 externally it works just fine over LAN and gives no indication of a problem. I have solved this issue but i REALLY don't like the solve to this problem which is why i am posting about it here. My solution is to restart the computer but counting that it is a NAS Server i cant be restarting it every 30 min.- 1 Hour throughout a day. Bad for the hardware and bad for usability of the NAS server.

I will continue to attempt to solve this issue but if someone managed to solve it before i do (If i i ever find a solution) i would greatly appreciated it.

(Yes, it is allowed through the firewall)

(Yes, LAN connections are enabled in TeamViewer)


  • Something i forgot to mention there if at all relevant is that this issue didn't exist until i used the TeamViewer app for Android.