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I'm about to start my first session with a client where I will control their system to sort a issue. The Teamviewer support video states that I tell my client to visit to download the small programe to enable connection. However, when I test the address all it does it redirect to the Teamviewer homepage. What am I doing wrong?

Many thanks!

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  • Hi Esther,

    Thanks for getting back to me so quickly, aporeciated!

  • I know this is an older thread, but thought I would try my luck.

    If I go to, it downloads at 14MB (taking about 90 seconds on the work computer) and then I run it.

    If I go to, it downloads a similar sized file, but only takes about 5 seconds.

    What is the difference betweem 'get' and 'connect'? And how do I customise my Quicksupport module that it dwonloads the 'connect' version so that clients can access it faster?



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