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Custom MSI Not Installing


Suddenly this morning custom MSI hosts are not downloading the customizations/logos. We've been using a custom host for the past 18 months, and deploy it via GPO. Suddenly this morning, only the default teamviewer host is installing.


I've tested on my workstation uninstallling & using MSIEXEC to re-install, but with the same result. The install file is called TeamViewer_Host-idca1b2c3d4.msi with a1b2c3d4 = the custom host code from the deployment page. I can see the custom hosts exists in our online console. However checking the TeamViewer11_LogFile.log I see the below:

2016/12/14 09:00:06.959 8692 1544 S0 CustomConfigurationUpdaterImplWin::ReadInitialConfigurationId: Initial configuration "a1b2c3d4".
2016/12/14 09:00:06.959 8692 1544 S0 CustomConfigurationUpdaterGUI::GetInitialorExisitingConfigurationId initial id: a1b2c3d4
016/12/14 09:00:07.514 8692 7780 S0 Resource-Language: en
2016/12/14 09:00:07.514 8692 7780 S0!! CMasterConnector::LoginUser(): no CustomID!
2016/12/14 09:00:13.696 10036  9000 G1   CMain::LoadResourceDLLs(): No custom resource dll found
2016/12/14 09:00:13.713 10036  9000 G1!!!CMessageLayer::AcquireMessageFromMaster: no TeamViewer ID
2016/12/14 09:00:13.967 10036  9000 G1   CMainWindowCustomizable::InitHeadLineBkgndUnscaled(): no logo file (or loading failed)

It seems like the download link, or folder that holds the logo & customizations is not accessible?

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  • Hi Reyhan,

    It does seem to be working now. We didn't actually make any changes, just seemed to start working the following mmorning. We rebooted the test VM, and install seemed to happen normally.



  • Ziggy
    Ziggy Posts: 5

       Just one more problem of many with TeamViewer 11. I have the same problem. Still exists. I opened a case on it two weeks ago and was told it was a problem with the MSI. That they would call me back when it was fixed. No phone call. No fix. I am getting a lot of errors in the Event Viewer to the effect that the MSI can't be assigned or unassigned. 

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