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cancel my recovery code

你好,由于我的手机丢失,我无法恢复数据,导致我的谷歌验证器丢失并无法登陆账号,我的恢复代码也在手机的通讯录中,我希望删除我的账号以便于释放我的电子邮件,让我可以重新注册账号,或者取消我的恢复代码。请你帮帮我。 这个账号[mail removed]是为了能和你联系,我使用了临时邮箱注册的,请在协助我之后将此账号一并清除。 我之前的Teamview [mail removed]

Hello, Due to the loss of my mobile phone, I can not recover the data. As a result, my Google Authenticator is lost and can not log in. My recovery code is also in the phone's address book. I want to delete my account in order to release my electronic Mail, so I can re-register account, or cancel my recovery code. Please help me. This account [mail removed] is to be able to contact you, I use a temporary mailbox registered, please help me after this account removed. My previous Teamview ID: [mail removed]