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Unexpected sign ins


I am a recently new user and so I may look pretty **bleep** with this. I have just received a message that Win-RDS83M10FOT has just signed in using Team Viewer ID [ID removed]. I have shut down my other pcs and my Windows phone was switched off. So to receive a message like taht is a bit worrying. The id and references do not match my Team Viewer id and I am concerned that I have someone accesssing my pc. Can anyone shed any light on this and reassure me or confirm my fears?

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  • Stan2786
    Stan2786 Posts: 1

    But what if the notification is for a computer that has been shut down?


  • Scotty
    Scotty Posts: 492 Staff member 🤠

    Hi Stan,

    To be honest, I do not know how a device that is offline can show as online.

    But in any case, in regards to your security concern, these notifications are not in any way an indication of a security breach. They simply tell you when a device is connected to the internet, they do not indicate that someone else is connecting to the device.


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  • everway9
    everway9 Posts: 8

    Hi everyone.

    I too am experiencing this issue. However the name for the computer which is signing in is correct.

    I've been using TeamViewer software for a few years now and this is the first time I have had this issue.

    I get repeat notifications that one of the computers on the 'My Computers' list has just signed in. This is happening when the computer it is notifying me about is actually offline. In fact the mentioned computer is not even switched on when the notification pops up. It's not in hibernation or sleep mode. It's properly off.

    Also. Other times when the mentioned computer is actually on and connected to the internet TeamViewer will notify me repeatedly that the computer has signed in. It will give me 3 - 5 notifications in the space of 5 - 10 seconds. Then a few minutes later it will do the same again. Previously to this I got only 1 notification that it's signed in and that's when it's turned on for the first time. And it's not because the computer is disconnecting/reconnecting from/to the internet. The computers connection works properly.

    I have 3 - 4 computers in the My Computers' list and it's only one of them I'm getting the notification issue with.

    These notifications only pop up for one of the computers in my list and it's the same computer every time.

    It's quite strange behaviour.

  • Has anyone ever responded to you regarding this issue?  I have the same problem.  Just a few minutes ago, I am working on my iMac and I get a notification that my MacBook Air has signed in!  Well, it's sitting right next to me and it is closed, so how the heck could it have signed into TeamViewer???

    I would really like to know the answer to this!



  • Hi James.

    Frustratingly no. No one has managed to give me any clue as to why this happens. It's still happening with me any every time it does it really annoys me... lots!

  • My suspicion has always been there is some glitch/bug in their software.  But in this day and age of computer hijacking, it is a bit unerving to see a notification that one of "MY" computers has logged into TeamViewer when it is off and sitting right next to me.  Very Strange!

    I think tomorrow or sometime this week I'll have to 'chat' with TV and see what they say.  This is their 'community', I would think that they read new messages here, but maybe they don't.

  • I feel just the same way James.
    WISEIT Posts: 1

    I see this was last talked about in 2017 but I've been getting these pop-ups regularly for ages from computers I know are already connected & online yet I still get the pop-up that is is now connected. What's the go TV?

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