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Black Screen crashes office programs

When I connect to my laptop from another device, and enable the "Show black screen" all running Office programs on my laptop crash.  I briefly see the screen go black, but then it comes back on (I am testing from another device while sitting next to my laptop) and I see all of the office programs (Outlook, Skype for Bus, Excel) are all restarting and trying to recover.  If I don't use the black screen option, I have no issues.

My laptop is a Lenovo Thinkpad P50s, in a dock with dual Lenovo monitors.  I have tried setting windows to only 1 monitor, and then blacking the screen, and again the Office programs crash. I have tried disconnecting both external monitors, and using the laptop display, with the same result.  

I had this in 11, 12, and now in 13 Beta.  Has anyone else experienced this?