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Welcome to the new TeamViewer 13 Beta Board

Hi TeamViewer Community,
I am happy to announce the release of the brand-new TeamViewer 13 Beta. This board is to discuss all questions regarding the new version.
TeamViewer 13 Beta comes with a lot of new and exciting features that will help increase your productivity and provide a seamless work experience.
Stay tuned! We will continuously update you on the new features and possibilities with the new version in our Community Blog.
Please ask your questions about the new Beta version here and share your feedback, thoughts and experiences with us in this board.
I am looking forward to reading your questions and feedback.
Download TeamViewer 13 Beta now and get a sneak peek on the new features: 
All the best, Esther


  • I have the same problem. I'm thinking I'll roll my Windows 10 machine back to version 12 and see if that works Seems like it's one issue after another with Teamviewer these days. Finally got the microphone pop-up windows issue resolved and now this. Wondering why I bother when I could just use instead.

  • PaddyLandau
    PaddyLandau Posts: 13 ✭✭

    I also want to roll back to version 12, but it's difficult as the computer is my father's, several hundred miles away, and he's struggling with his vision.

    I've decided that if there isn't a better solution, I'll use Chrome Remote Desktop to access his machine to roll back TeamViewer.

    (It's all a bit silly — obviously, this wasn't tested properly before release. I specifically didn't want a beta version on his machine, so why on earth did it upgrade? Oh well, it's done now. I'll have to work around it.)

  • eamViewer 12 won't connect to version 13, and can't upgrade 12 to 13

  • Just a thought here but I wonder if you have tried using as an option to remote into your father's machine? If not, I recommend giving it a try. Personally, I'm not really familiar with Google Chrome Desktop and perhaps, if you are, that's your best bet but I thought I'd mention DWService as it's what I use having gone through a number of different remote desktop options.  I used TeamViewer for a long time and it's still my fallback option should I have trouble but DWService has been great and is worth a look IMHO. Good luck.

  • PaddyLandau
    PaddyLandau Posts: 13 ✭✭

    Thanks, but I already did it.

    • Connected via Chrome Remote, which was a little harder than it should have been.
    • Uninstalled TeamViewer 13.
    • Downloaded and installed TeamViewer 12.
    • Hoping that it won't automatically update to 13 again.
  • PaddyLandau
    PaddyLandau Posts: 13 ✭✭

    Grr! It happened again! The remote Windows machine automatically updated to version 13.

    I realise now that it probably is set to automatically update, but it should never update to a Beta version without prompting!