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My Teamviewer cannot connect to master server while internet working fine.

Hi guys,

After a month of headaches to fix my Teamviewer can't connect to network and it says "Not ready, Please check your network connection" you can see under images (latest picture).


I know this is a very popular question but believe me, I've read all the related topics, try every single way which I found but I can't solve my problem. Here is my short version of TeamViewer log, you can view full log here [logs removed]

[logs removed]


Here is what I have done but not fix.

  1. Remove Teamviewer with Revo Uninstall Pro with clean advanced delete leftover files.
  2. Re-install network driver / disable all other network driver excepts Wifi adapter
  3. Disable IPV6
  4. Disable all firewall, Antivirus
  5. And bunch of other ways...

I use Wireshark to listen to connection request on Wifi adapter but nothing related to Teamviewer appear but when I use Teamviewer v11, magically is working fine :( I got that error when use v12 and above.

Please help.

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