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Deployment TV12 with Reg-Settings and Customization doesn't work


we wanted to upgrade TV11 Host to TV12 in our domain. 

We customized the msi and on the package works ok so far. The Logo and Design is applied as usual.

We now did export the settings from one machine and enabled LAN-only mode, because we don't want our machines to be accessed from outside our LAN.

When we now try to install the package with the .reg-file our settings get applied just like we want to, but the customization does not. As soon as we take out the LAN-only flag in the .reg-file it works well.

So to us it looks like it's necessary for the machines to get some kind of information about the customization from the web. and this doesn't work when the LAN-only flag is set, although the machines are connected to the internet. is this a bug? or by design?

what is the solution for us here? we need to be able to install a customized msi with our registrysettings including the hosts being configured as LAN-only.

We already did send an official support request like 2-3 weeks ago, but never got an answer.


  • Reyhan
    Reyhan Posts: 270 Staff member 🤠

    Dear @KVS

    Thank you for your post. I search for a ticket with your maildomain, but I can't find anything. Could you please tell me the ticket ID?

    Thank you in advance.


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  • KVS
    KVS Posts: 3

    Hi Reyhan,

    thanks for the quick reply. We just tried to find anything about our sent request, but didn't get any confirmation mail or something. Maybe it hiccup'ed and was lost, which would explain why we didn't get any reaction :smileyvery-happy:

    We did it on this site: where we have to verify that we are a licenced user. 

    Anyway, should we just open a new ticket then? Or can we get a solution here?

  • Reyhan
    Reyhan Posts: 270 Staff member 🤠

    Hi @KVS

    Thank you for your nice reply....:smileyhappy:

    That could be the reason, why you never received a ticket ID. To submit the ticket, this is the right way via 

    This way to contact us is only for customer, for verification you need a licensed account or your license key.

    It it pleasure for me, to help you. Your guess is right here. TeamViewer needs the open port 443 for the information about your customization. If you have the settings LAN only, your machines will not get the customization. This is really a normal behavior.

    I recommend you to take the setting LAN conncection accept.

    Best regards.

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  • KVS
    KVS Posts: 3

    So there is no way to use LAN-only setting with customized Layout then? :smileyfrustrated: 

    Well, that kinda blows :smileyindifferent:

    But, thanks for the helpful reply, we'll just have to think about what is more important to us - LAN-only or customization.

    Thanks and best regards.