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My computer is listed as offline

This is actually a two part issue.

1) I've been using TeamViewer for years now, without issue. It's been great. I went through a phase however where I wasn't using it for a while since I didn't need it. I attempted to load it up recently and, despite my computer being on and having TV running, when I logged into TV online, it showed as offline. I don't know what changed. The only other piece of information that might be relevant, but I don't think so, is that we moved recently. I'm pretty sure I remember, though, that I was seeing this issue before we moved.  Thoughts?

2) Since the above issue was frustrating me, this morning, before I left the house, I went and added the current computer as a new machine since I knew I would need access today. It added seemingly seamlessly and easily. It shows up in the list as online and everything. When I try to connect though, I can see the remote machine screen but two issues.

   a) I can't actually do anything on the remote screen. It's like I can look but not touch.

   b) When I connect, I'm immediately looking at my desktop. My profile is password-protected. I should be seeing the login screen. It's totally bypassing it, though.

Help, please?