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Automatic unlocking of a locked PC

I'm just wondering how I can get TeamViewer to automatically unlock a PC that is logged in but the screen is locked (as in, requires a password to access the desktop). It's a PC that I use for running a home webcam/security system, so I have a short period of time (5 mins) before the screensaver kicks in and automatically locks the desktop.

I'm just hoping there's a feature or method of using TeamViewer to store this PC's password and to automatically enter it when I connect?


  • I've had a look in the settings and couldn't see anything but I'm not 100% familiar with everything, Hoping someone can shed some light on this.

  • Zied
    Zied Posts: 1
    Is there any solution ?!
    Teamviewer show me thé remote desktop but i cant control it when the Windows session is locked. And when the Windows session isnt locked so o control it.
    Can i make some setting update in order to dislock thé remote Windows session ?! May be with invoking thé login Windows screen but how ?!
  • tc
    tc Posts: 1

    this dialog shows up with no login field:


    What do I need to do on my end to change my computer settings to allow access??

    Thanks for any help!

  • mbaria
    mbaria Posts: 3

    I do this fairly regularly and haven' t had much problem and I don't recall any special settings ... although I've poked around a lot with my TeamVierw options over the past few months.  I don't have a specific answer but can share info about some of my settings:

    1. I have TeamViewer HOST or TeamViewer CLIENT installed on the remote workstaion.
    2. Under TeamViewer Options -> Security, I have a password set on both computers.  BTW - you can create multiple passwords and revoke each at will.

    I think #2 is the key setting ... setup a password.

     Edit:  This reply was meant for the OP.   Not sure about ""photon's" issue ... sounds like UAC prompt on the remote computer and not sure what (if anything) can be done about that once encountered.



  • If my remote system is locked then:

    I can login my remote desktop (unbuntu) from window as vise vera.

      Cant connect with remote MAC. The error message shows up "remote system has no teamviewer running. But, If I unlock remote MAC by physically giving pwd, then I can access usign teamviewer.