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User Management

Does anyone else have trouble managing a team of technicians and setting proper permissions, etc. We have 7 users that all have individual accounts. I like that because I can disable an account if I need to for security. However, it is not easy to set permisions for a new user, or to move groups that a technician created. I'm curious to see if anyone else is doing something different, or if the developers are working on something to help with this.


  • Hi PlanetEarthPC,


    could you describe your usual workflow for the tasks you find difficult?

    maybe also, what you wish was different to have a easier workflow?


    Maybe we can help you find a easier workflow or consider simplifying it in future versions.

  • powenpowen Posts: 2

    I had an awful time handling this at first -- i have a few hundred PCs we connect to, and a team of 10ish guys who add/edit/remove computers/groups constantly. 

    I ended up adding my team as Contacts,  and just make sure they share anything they add (manually) with all the contacts from our team with full control. 


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