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Installation of customised TeamViewer Host via GPO

I'm fresh here. I'd like my workstations to have customised TeamViewer Host installed via GPO and assigned to my TeamViewer account. What is the simplest way to do it for version 12?
I created custom host module and downloaded msi. Than I read in TeamViewer Manual MSI Rev 11.1-201601 that I should "simply extend the filename of the TeamViewer_Host.msi with -idc and append the ConfigurationID to it." so I've done so and created a package for GPO installation .
The trouble is that when I try to install such package, there's an error saying that my "...file is not a valid installation package for the product TeamViewer 12 Host (MSI Wrapper). Try to find the installation package 'TeamViewer_Host.msi" ans a folder from which you can install TeamViewer 12 Host (MSI Wrapper)".
Until I haven't changed the file name adding ConfigurationID to it, installation went ok but with no customisations. Please explain what am I doing wrong? I'm using corporate license.
Best regards.

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  • hpk
    hpk Posts: 2

    Thank you for your answer. Looks like it is working, I see my customised host installed but it has not been added to my account. Do I have to do some other steps do add it to my account? I'd like to have it done automatically.

  • Ziggy
    Ziggy Posts: 5

       I had that problem two weeks ago. It would install but no account assignment. Support told me it was a known problem with the MSI and that they were working on it. They were going to call me back when it was fixed. Two weeks later.... no phone call..... no fix.

  • dabong92
    dabong92 Posts: 2

    have they replied to your question?

  • NCrum
    NCrum Posts: 1

    I'm not sure why it's not working but when I go there and make my customizations it has a link for my particular teamviewer host I deisgned which downloads a pre-appended .exe file. So the file already looks like "TeamViewer_Host_Setup-idc{myCustomID}.exe".

    I install it on my test machine just by double clicking and running it. Go through all the install options to select and once it is installed I have to login to my proxy so it can connect but it is just the plain default Host program with none of my customizations.

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