Using TV on a DualBoot Windows remote system

I would like to access a remote Windows system that has both Vista and Windows 10 installed in a dualboot mode.  I cannot see where I can get TV active at the dualboot system selection menu, thus it only gets activated once the default boot system has been booted.  Am I missing something?

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  • elbea64
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    No, you do not miss anything. TeamViewer needs a running OS, so it's not possible to control the remote system before the OS has been booted.

    But it is possible to select the OS before you reboot. Either through some third-party-tool or you use msconfig.exe to set the standard OS to the OS you want to boot next.

    In the end it might be more handy to run a second OS in a virtual machine. This prevents a lot of potential problems and in most cases the second OS is not used for performance related stuff.

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  • artheims
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    I could not find anything in msconfig that would help but then did remember that BCDBoot may be able to help and using BCDEdit I could alter the default boot or the next boot system, so will look into that further to see if I can set that up using a command file.  Thanks for the suggestions..

  • artheims
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    @elbea64 wrote:

    There is a small tool that might do it very comfortable.

    This helped and solved the problem for me.  Thanks for the pointer.