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Recieved Clipboard 100% stuck on screen

When every I do a copy and paste from one machine to another I get small window that gives the status of the copy. When it reaches 100% it is stuck on the screen and cant be closed by the x in the box.



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  • I was having the same problem.  When I updated TV it no longer hangs.


  • CNC-Guy
    CNC-Guy Posts: 9

    It's baaack!!!!!!!

    Any way to disable the clipboard send and reicive boxes alltogether???

    Between this buggy surface book and win 10 I have to reboot enough.

    I feel like we are back at windows98!


  • dj31k
    dj31k Posts: 1

    I still have the same issue on Team viewer version 12.0.75813

  • I also have the same problem with 12.0.78313 and it's very annoying! Please fix.

  • Same here! Newest version installed, but popups with 100% still hanging around, cannot be closed... really annoying!

    In addition - popups with 98% hanging around, although content is already completely transferred. They cannot be closed either...

  • Problem still there on version 12.0.82216

    And that is a really annoying problem

  • I did not have the chance to test this but I believe that doing a TeamViewer service restart will get the popup go away without the need to restart the computer. I only tried it with normal notifications, but it should also work with stuck notifications.

  • Tested it a few times and works great, just restart the teamviewer service and goes away. Still a nuisance but much less annoying then having to reboot the system.

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