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Setting-up Wake-on-LAN via Public Address


To setup Wake-on-LAN via Public Address, I gone through the link

This link is good but I need assistance in more details.

 My desktop/target computer …

  • Is not a part of any network (a single Desktop Computer),
  • Is connected to the Internet via a router using an Ethernet cable,

And the router is Wifi with DHCP enabled which is setup and installed by my ISP.

Please guide me to setup Wake-on-LAN via Public Address on this pc.


  • elbea64elbea64 Posts: 70 ✭✭

    What have you done so far?

    Give us some more information (router model, ip-adressing fixed or dynamic, dyndns already setup, ...)

    it might be easier to not use teamviewer for WOL. My router can wake any computer that is accessed, so i setup a forwarded port that i block with windows firewall. This way i can use any browser to wake up my computers - http:// my.address:port - firewall blocks this access if computer is running and router does WOL if not

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  • Hi,

    Thank you for replying for my message.

    Router Modal No. is Binatone ANS5004W. Its EOC type Wifi-router and coaxial cable is used as incoming internet media. IP Addressing is dynamic and DHCP is enabled. Also Port-Forwarding is supported by this router which requires "Name, Internal IP, Internal Port, Remote IP, External Port, Protocol Interface, Status and Delete". At this time, there is no entry in Port-Forwarding.

    As per your query, "What have you done so far?" I am really sorry to say that I don't know all steps so I didn't start. Therefore, please guide me all steps.

  • elbea64elbea64 Posts: 70 ✭✭

    Ok, the hard way :robotwink:

    It's a little bit tricky to get WOL working through WAN. There are some pitfalls that might prevent it.
    First we should test if your computer can wake up by WOL at all.
    Do you have a smartphone connected to the router's wifi? If so, use this WOL app. This is just for testing, so we use the same software. you can later use any other software, if using one at all.

    On your computer go to device manager and open properties of the network adapter. I can't tell you where exactly you can find the needed settings, as my windows is not english and the settings may be in different locations - you don't need to search in details, events, driver, ressources and general. Look for: WOL wake on lan magic paket pattern matching or similar. Enable any setting that might wake up your computer.

    Then let the app search your network (yes, you have one :robotwink:) it should find your computer, then add it.

    Now you can test if WOL is working. Do it with your computer off, hibernated and in standby. It is possible that it will not work in every state.

    Can you provide a link to the manual of your router (is this the right one?).

    Can you register with a dyndns service for your own? I suggest it is free and reliable.

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  • Hi,

     Brother, I would like to thank you first for informative suggestion/ guidance.

    And I am sorry for delay in reply.

     I tried WOL app in android smartphone which is connected with the same router through WiFi.

     While adding device in WOL App. I found following fields.

    1. Nickname
    2. MAC Address
    3. Hostname/IP/Broadcast Address
    4. Port
    5. Device IP
    6. Online Status Port
    7. Device ID
    8. SecureOn Password

    I filled details in Nickname, MAC Address and Hostname/IP/Broadcast Address. And it works, I mean I am able to turn on my desktop with this WOL app. However, I would like to know about other fields; Port, Device IP, Online Status Port, Device ID and SecureOn Password. By default, Port is 9. Please let me know about other fields.

    As per the router manual, it’s great that you got the correct manual of my router.

    I signed up but brother I couldn’t understand why it’s for and how it’s useful for my concern.

    At the end; as you told, your windows is not English so for you it’s difficult for guiding me for correct settings. Please do not worry. Guide me as per your system, I’ll try to find same in my system. My Windows is Windows 10 ver. 1607.

  • elbea64elbea64 Posts: 70 ✭✭

    For WOL to work you only need the MAC address and - depending on your settings - the port which is port 9 by default.

    The other settings are specific to the app, as it can check if the computer is already on. Therefore it needs a port through which it is possible to connect to the computer to see its state. As we need the app only for testing purposes yet, the other settings are not important, perhaps we will need one later.

    You need dyndns because your router gets different ip addresses and the dyndns service creates a hostname that will resolve to the ip address your router has at the moment. Your router will transmit its actual address to freedns whenever its address changes. We will set this up later.

    The next step for WOL to work over WAN is to test if your router can handle WOL pakets and forward them to your computer. You have to forward port 9 to the broadcast-address of your network. You can see your routers address and subnet in your routers webinterface under Network -> LAN Settings. I suggest you use an online ip calculator to get your broadcast address. Enter your IP and select your subnet and you'll get the broadcast address.
    I'm not really sure how to setup a forwarded port in your router(page 56 in the manual) as i don't understand the meaning of the remote ip setting. I think the internal IP should be the broadcast address, ports should be both 9 and protocol is ok with UDP/TCP. Interface should be your WAN side. For remote ip i would try the router ip, but i'm not sure about this.
    It is possible that your router won't allow a broadcast address, then we have to go another way.

    Now you have to find out your WAN IP which will change from time to time. You can see your actual public IP here:

    Now create a new host in the WOL app manually (at the top right). The MAC address is the same as before but the hostname/ip/broadcast address is now your public ip.

    Now disconnect your phone from wlan and use mobile internet and try to wake the just created host.

    »We are all born unique, but most of us will die as a copy.«
  • Hi elbea64,

    I tried with my desktop HP Elite 8300-remote computer, it could be waked-up from sleep mode from LAN & WAN.

    However, it's impossible when it completely turn-off. I checked the LAN card and found that it's powered, not off.

    Could you please advise.


  • SwingSwing Posts: 1
    desable Fast boot, should resolve the pb.
  • how do you do that?

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