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profiiles dont work as advertised

I was running TV 11 and asked Support what I could do to prevent customers from upgrading or being prompted to upgrade.  I setup a profile that was suppsed to turn that off.  I deployed it to my clients.   It didnt work.  The application still prompts the user to upgrade and allows them ro which locks me out of connecting to them. 

This failure does help TV revenue since, the constant reminders and prompts to upgrade, forces me to upgrade every year to the new version to keep up. 

TV has become an application I love to hate.  Its a money pit.  Support will tell you that you can stay on any version you want BUT they know that the application will keep prompting users to upgrade.  At that point you are stuck trying to help people who cant right click, uninstall the new version and install the old version.  Then you have to explain to the customer why you dont have the newer version.   

For me its a sunuk cost of $50 a month FOREVER.  Which while crazy expensive compared to competition, wouldnt be so bad if support didnt mislead you on what a profile can do. 


  • Jonathan
    Jonathan Posts: 242 [Former Staff]

    Hi Silver_2000,

    Thanks for your post and welcome to the Community!

    I see that you have already submitted a ticket to your support location so please post an update if your issue gets resolved.

    All the best,


  • Silver_2000
    Silver_2000 Posts: 8 ✭✭

    I replied here yesterday but that apparently wasnt approved

    Ive not yet received a reply from support on the reported issue ...

    I hope this is appropriate feedback... and gets approved for publishing