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My tech, is setting up new TV ID's and they are not showing in my Computers & Contacts

We have a corporate licese, with 2 users: Me admin and one tech, not admin.


He sets up up new PC's, as we gain new clients or clients add new PC's.

I just noticed that now my list doesn't match his, I am missing a bunch of ID's. What is wrong??? How do we fix this. There should be just one list that we share, if I add someone, he should see it. etc. LLC


  • mLipok
    mLipok Posts: 772 ⭐Star⭐

    I assume that you Tech collegue is assigning TVHost to their not yours TVAccount ?
    And this is a problem.

    We should be able to assign TV APP to Company not to TVAccount.
    As this Company LoginAnd Password should be only for assigning Host AND NOT FOR LOGING to TV Management Console.

    To TV Staff: Please treat it as a Feature Request.

    mLipok , AutoIt MVP
  • For logging purposes, he should use his account for everything, but the computers and contact list should be shared. If that is what you are saying then yes, this is correct. We are company that uses TV for hundreds of computers.

    My tech has all the permission I can give him without making him an Adminstrator, which is my account user ID. LLC
  • mLipok
    mLipok Posts: 772 ⭐Star⭐

    As far as I know:

    Your TVPersonalAccount is the TVCompanyAccount and the problem is that you should assign TVHost to:
    your TVCompanyAccount == Your TVPersonalAccount

    I would love that in TVAdminAccount there should be a Feature to preset separate TVCompanyAccount    LOGIN and PASSWORD , but only for one feature: for assigning host to the company.

    This feature would give you a possibility to give this L+P to all your TechPeople.

    EDITED: Wording

    mLipok , AutoIt MVP
  • The only solution is not a solution, it is only a work around hack, and it still **I like TeamViewer**.

    WE need on list with mulitple users who can add and subtract computers ID's and create groups.

  • mossback
    mossback Posts: 5

    Has this come to pass? Can I now have my tech use his own account to access a shared list of TV users in the portal? If he adds new TV nodes, they will show up in my TV portal? LLC
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