Teamviewer 13 not available for linux

I saw the announcement of Teamviewer 13 for Linux but the download is not available. Where can I get version 13?

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  • Scotty
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    Hi Azagthot,

    Thanks for posting.

    At the moment, unfortunately we do not have a full version for V13 in Linux, only the Host is available at the moment.

    Download here

    However we are working to have a full, native version of 13 for linux available shortly. Sorry for the delay.



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  • MarkR
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    Thanks, Scotty.

    Meantime, I recommend that the download page(s) on the TeamViewer website (e.g.,  be updated by either showing a non-functional placeholder that says something like "v13 coming soon" or  removing the Linux option until it's available.  Showing v13 but downloading v12 is not proper.



  • Dear All,

    I have installed Teamviewer 13 in Ubuntu 16.04 but it looks like compared to the 12 version there is no Meeting tab anymore? How would I set or join a meeting then under Teamviewer 13? Marco

  • I have exactly the same question...

    How would I set or join a meeting then under Teamviewer 13?

  • I have a slightly different version of the question. If the meeting tab in version 13 is no longer available, when will be be released ?

  • andreasz
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    Unfortunately, it still says "preview" on it. Sadly, after waiting for months now, we migrated to something else.

    If you're maintaining remote client machines from linux desktops and don't have that option any more, that's a huge slap in the face. Especially if you recommended teamviewer to your clients before.

    I am guessing that they just don't care. Otherwise you would have heard from them by now. We pretty much gave up on TeamViewer and moved to a competitor who offers a web-based non-flash solution.