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    GoSane wrote:

    It seems the arrow keys + home/end don't work (most of them convert to typing a "q")

    @GoSane, I can not reproduce that. Can you add some details on which systems are involved here?

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  • Sure : Linux controlling MacOS computers. Happenned every time. Controlling Windows seems to work correctly. Tell me if you need more info (and which info).

    I'm using Kubuntu 17.10

  • ndit
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    Well, I stated earlier that 80% of my connections was to windows servers, why ctrl+alt+del was so important (glad to hear you are working hard on releasing a fix for this).

    The other 20% of my connections are to QuickSupport clients, who runs the QS-client from my homepage. But the active QS-sessions don't show up in the C&C-list on the linux version.Selection_375.png


    PS: I don't know if it's expected behaviour, but just FYI, if a client, who is present in my C&C list normally, closes the full version of TW, and starts a QS. I am able to connect to them (but from their normal saved C&C-instance.

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    The native version runs very fast but I can not enjoy it completely, for start I could not install the deb version in Debian Jessie, I ran from the tar version but without being able to fully visualize the interface, in debian the computers and contacts do not appear and in ubuntu it does but I do not have the Ctrl + Alt + Del option or the file transference option

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    @DanielStm thank you for your reply. Would be good to have this done - until then I need to stay on TV12.

    Recording a session to disk is also an important thing, but at least not a blocker for me.

    I just discovered an anyoing bug: The window size is oftern shrunk down to a strange size. My resolution is high enough to display many sessions in the natural resolution (2560x1080). But often it happens that TV starts with a smaller window and thus with a shrunk resolution. As there is no easy way to "restore" the session to its natural resolution I often end up in a session with streched or shrunk displays and thus have fuzzy fonts.

  • mfernau
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    @Lamagra FullAck!

    To have TV13 as a wine version until the native one is useable would not only be nice to have - In my eye its a indispensable thing because we're paying customers who need to work with TV all the day and really need a working and useable tool!

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    Are there any plans to release a .deb and/or tar.xz versions of the teamviewer-host?

  • @redwil wrote:

    Are there any plans to release a .deb and/or tar.xz versions of the teamviewer-host?

    Already available, just check https://www.teamviewer.com/en/download/linux/

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    Hello, TeamViewer team! Thanks for the amazing work. I tried TeamViewer 13 today and found that, without the meeting function, it's useless to me any my start-up for now. We were using it because it was the only app I knew of that could share one screen in a multi-screen setup.

    (All the others, like Skype or Hangouts, can either share all screens at the same time, or only select open windows).

    I really hope the meeting function comes back soon, because until it does, operations in our company are impacted. We're looking to find workarounds in the meantime (we'll probably run the Windows version in a VM or I'll have to turn off my second screen and use Skype).

  • The state of TeamViewer 13 for Linux is extremely disappointing. It lacks all but the most basic features, and it seems unlikely that is will reach parity with the Windows version (or even Teamviewer 12 for Linux) any time soon.

    I appreciate the work the Linux team is doing to get us a native version, but the fact that it was released missing vital functionality is bizarre, and not in line with the usual high quality products that TeamViewer releases.

  • ndit
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    @DanielStm I'm using a dark theme, Greybird, I think it is one of the built in themes with Xubuntu.

    Edit: btw, I haven't had any "dark theme related" issues as reported by others. My options window looks as intended 

    On my workstation the menues are blank (no text). But dont seem to be theme-related.


  • ndit
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    btw, are the changelog published somewhare?

    Cannot find it

  • DanielStm
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    Dear @SamH_SUQLD,

    I apologize for the inconvenience caused by this. We will publish an update before Christmas and include the mostly missed features such as Ctrl-Alt-Del, switch screen and easy access.

    @ndit, they are usually located here: https://www.teamviewer.com/download/changelog/
    But currently lag a bit behind. However, I write these community articles to give you much more information than is typically included in changelogs. I'll continue to do so and be as transparent about our plans as I can.

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  • ndit
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    @DanielStm Ok, thx

  • Thanks for the open development. I appreciate the communication from the developers to the community :)


  • Dear @DanielStm,
    thank you very much for the update. I really do look forward to put the Linux TV13 to work.
    Although it has been said here before I'd like too express that I greatly appreciate the work of the Teamviewer Linux team, and I think, the native version with Qt is a much better approach than wine was. I'm sure, it is the way to go. I also like the way you (the developers) communicate with us (the customers) directly. Thank you for your prompt replies!

    - Subscription customer who's really irritated by the current useless state
    - Can't wait for an early Christmas present

    However, I also have to agree with @SamH_SUQLD and I'm lacking a better expression. I also think the current state is kind of bizarre.
    As brought up by someone else earlier, the TV13 upgrade was forced on me, because some Windows client decided to do the upgrade on its own. I then did the upgrade, only to realize, that our license was only good for Version 12. $800 later, with an upgraded license (I thought it might cure my issues), I'm stuck with the native 13 version.
    I understand it's still a preview and for a 'beta' it works pretty good. It connects to all my clients but then I can't send CTRL-ALT-DEL to a windows box because you forgot to add a button for it?! Same thing with the screen switch function... It is bizarre!

    What really annoys me, as a paying customer with a subscription is the bombardment of new feature announcements for TV13 during the last months. And I always thought 'iOS screen sharing', 'asset management', 'service case handling', etc, etc. - I don't need those features! I don't need TV13! Now I have it. Now I've paid for it, and now I can't send CTRL-ALT-DEL? How could you miss that?!

    Sorry for the long story but I had to get this of my chest. After upgrading, downgrading, upgrading again, I'm now stuck with a Windows laptop for remote support. And I really hate it.

    Is there a way for us to get a notification, when a working version is released?

    Thanks for reading and Merry Christmas!

  • mfernau
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    I totally agree with Ballisto and he just repeated what I already directly told the customer support via mail.

    Nothing more to said.
    Its just sad for me as a power user. I paid approx 1,7k € for TV13 just to be stuck with this alpha version...

  • mfernau
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    Oh - and not to mention that TV sold us features which just aren't there:

    - Filetransfer
    - Meetings
    - Session recording
    - Special keys
    - etc etc etc

    In the end I've rights to demand things I bought with my money...

    I think TV needs to deploy a wine TV13 version in the meanwhile like the vesions before. Regardless if this means double development or not. If you want to redesign TV13 from scratch - which we're all really appreciate - It can't be that your customers need to pay for this and needs to be happy with a TV-Feature-Version like what.. Version 1? I really NEED those basic features like filetrandfer etc and to be reliant on a windows VM/Computer isn't very satisfying.. 

  • Trying to install windows version with Wine

  • Thanks, but no thanks!

    This is really great that you give linux users an update.

    But i hate that you took all of the tools we get used to use.

    Give us 13 on wine or allow outgoing conections from 12 linux to 13 win !!!

    ACT FAST !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Is there any way to run TV13 on wine? I wasn't successful.

  • sflkj21
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    I agree that 13 isn't complete in any way.  But why can't people just install 12 on all their machines?  Are people really stuck without functionality compared to 2 weeks ago because they are stuck in 13 and cant move back to 12 (by say installing 12 instead of 13)?

  • Givig support to the different clients doesn't give you always possibility to choose which version of TV the client is running. So I had to upgrade my licence only because some of our clients have upgraded to the newest version. I'm not in the possition to restrict our clients what they should have installed on own computers.

  • Lamagra
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    Sure maybe you'll do a downgrade for me - about 70 computers within 100km of each other.

    ...because we paid for licenses we have to spend time on downgrade - perfect. We love it.

  • sflkj21
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    Yes If Teamviewer is calling Linux non-Beta and non-Alpha they dropped the ball big time. But sounds like you guys need better sytems in place or better admins, because most decent organizations arn't allowing a 6-day release to break their infrastructure.

  • mfernau
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    1. We need to support customers which are not IT administrated by us. Why? Because we're a software distributor for our customers and their IT is not in our hands
    2. We paid for version 13, so why do WE need now do anything to be able to use version 12 again?
    3. Some of our hosts just upgrade itself to version 13 by their own
    4. Our personalized Support-Modules (your know, the https://get.teamviewer.com/... modules) are now all version 13 and I see no way to configure them back to version 12

    This is why we're stuck :)

  • garyg
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    I just tried to install TV13 for windows under Wine on FC27 and the GUI does not open. So much for that Idea!       We need a real solution real quick!      We are on an annual subscription, but I am about to have to start looking at something different...  A choice TeamViewer making for us!

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    If you want to send Ctrl+Alt+Del, there's a workaround. Just being on welcome screen connect your Android device as well and send Ctrl+Alt+Del from Android app.

  • @DanielStm wrote:


    Gentoo: speaking of inofficial ports, I was contacted by a Gentoo maintainer and expect they'll have TV13 package soon.

    TeamViewer (amd64, x86):

    TeamViewer Host (amd64, x86, arm):

    Tested and hopefully being merged into the main Gentoo Portage tree soon.