Ubuntu 17.10: Loop in setup ("Setting up your device")

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Hello Dear,

I've tried to run Teamviewer on a VM of Google's Cloud Platform in Ubuntu 17.10. Previously I installed unity. I have set a password for Teamviewer but in the setup proccess it keeps at "Setting up your device"



Does anyone now what the problem is?


Thank you!


  • DanielStm
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    I cannot confirm before Monday, but I think the problem is that it doesn't work inside of Wayland, and/or you have TFA enabled.

    On the other hand, you really don't need to do this on the command line. You can just assign the device in the options dialog inside the application.  Hope that helps. :robothappy:

    EDIT: actually I'm not quite sure if I understand your description properly. Are you configuring inside the machine or is it an ssh connection?

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  • aleho
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    I do have the same problem.
    I have run teamviewer setup via SSH.
    Teamviewerd is running, but do not connnected to any teamviewers server.
    And I can't connect to teamviewer host remotely.