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Teamviewer require administrator password when updating to TW 13


When I tried to updating my Teamviewer I get a window up(teamviewer windows) which require administrator-username and password. I have tried with my normal logging, that same one I log in to Teamviewer management console but it does not accept it. I don't have any other type of account attached to this account. I pretty sure I don't setup any form of admin account.

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  • Yeah, after update to V13, teamviewer require  root password to connection to TW servers.

    Without passowrd only LAN connection supported.

    TW starts from arhive in HOME directory





  • kj2whekj2whe Posts: 1

    Niklaschr is absolutely correct.  What worked for me on a windows 10 account was to login as my microsoft user but with a period in front followed by a slash.
    [the personal information has been removed.]

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