Quick information about ID and Description in Contact List

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When I post this 


I remembered that I miss the Contact ID number and its DESCRIPTION in the contact list.I know I can see properties by...... clicking right mouse........ on the small drop down button......, but that's not the point.

Often, after filtering the client's name I see several dozen contacts, some of them are active.

For me, it's important to choose contact by name, but sometimes it's useful to see the ID .
However, finding the right ID in the list of filtered contacts is very difficult.

The same problem is that after finding a contact I need to see the information from the DESCRIPTION, because there are important information about the client, which I want to service via TeamViewer.
Currently, clicking on the properties by the right mouse button is ineffective, especially when you find out where the "Properties button/feature" is located in TeamViewer APP.

In my opinion, the opportunity to see the DESCRIPTION of a contact directly after its indication on the list is a functionality that should be basic / daily.

Please make TV APP to be better.



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