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TeamViewer on linux Only console without XServer

mLipok Posts: 781 ⭐Star⭐

Today I found this:

teamviewer setup                     Configure headless modes (non-gui/console) 

Is that mean I can configure Team Viewer to run on Linux without XServer ?
I only need to estabilish VPN connection.

mLipok , AutoIt MVP

Best Answer


  • I installed TV on Ubuntu 16.04 (Dell laptop). It works fine with GUI (lighdm service) started, when accessed from Windows 7 for remote control.

    But when I try to get acces to headless config (no lightdm service started) I just get an empty black window and can't get acces to a prompt message for login.

    I tried various keys composition (Ctrl+Fx or just Fx or Shift+Ctrl+Fx) without success (Ctrl+Fx is the normal to acces to VTs with this distro).

    I think framebuffer config is ok as I didn't get any error and the TV logo displays in the laptop screen as soon as the connexion between the 2 machines is done.

    Any idea?