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Confused about Session Time

I just now downloaded Teamviewer for the first time, because I want to use it to remote into my mom's computer.  She is 84, and often needs assistance.   I went to connect, and I got this message:  "Teamviewer Free does not allow connections to customized Host module clients with our own company logo.  Please use the basic Host or the full version.   This session will be terminated after 5 minutes:"

I am not sure what any of that means.  I just downloaded Teamviewer on one machine, setup an account with teamviewer, then created a link, sent it to my moms system, then downloaded and sett it up there.    When I load Teamviewer it says "free licence (non-commercial use only)" which is correct.    But that message made it sound like I used the wrong version.   Did I do something wrong?  Or are all free version sessions limited to 5 min?  If that is the case, then I may have to look for another solution in order to help out my mom. 

Appreciate any help provided.   Thanks so much.  



  • jeffdabney
    jeffdabney Posts: 2 ✭✭

    It's been a month, yet no one has responded to this message for help?  I realize we are using a free version, but that doesn't make sense.  I am exerpiencing the same problem and would really like it to go away.  My 74 yr old aunt is completely computer illiterate.  I can't even get her to press a key on her keyboard without very specific details about what the key looks like let alone the row and key placement in the row.  Very frustrating. 
    I am not a company.  I don't have a logo.  ??????
    Screenshot 2018-01-11 15.21.30.png