MacOS wallpaper is blue at login

Has anyone else encountered the issue where teamviewer is installed on their mac and at the user login window, where the wallpaper would normally display the user's current wallpaper, now it is permanently set to blue? 

I've uninstalled teamviewer through the advanced options menu and have looked for com.plist files that may have remained after uninstall but don't see a thing.

I've currently got 2 MacBook Pro's that this has happened to since teamviewer has been installed. They are both running the latest 10.13.2 HighSierra and are completely different models being years apart but both are the retina display models.

This issue does not affect performance at all but is very annoying to my wife. At the moment, the only way I would know how to fix this is a clean install of the OS which I would like to avoid.

Thanks to anyone who may have some input on this issue.




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    So I know this is an old post, but this is still a problem.  I truly hope you didn't format your Mac, as the fix is simple.  Use the Finder keyboard shortcut COMMAND+SHIFT+G to bring up the 'Go to Folder' dialog box, then enter the folder '/Library/Caches' and click Go.  Locate the file '' and remove it to restore the default login background image (or replace with your own PNG image of the same name).

    This is a very poor attempt at optimizing your connection performance while viewing the lock screen from a remote TeamViewer connection.  There is really no reason to do this as the login screen claims a small portion of most remote connection times.  Also, I don't see the login screen ever changing for Windows clients (a slightly harder task to accomplish, so understandable) - so why macOS.  I'll go on to further say this is border line abuse of granted privileges to the host app because if your client has a custom image in place it is deleted by Teamviewer without permission, and the image is lost - TeamViewer does not simply temporarily rename an existing image in the Caches folder, it overwrites the file and, when the client is working as expected, removes the file from the folder forever.

    The only way to prevent this from happening, even now with version 13, is to remove the TeamViewer client from your Mac.  You can goto the app's Preferences->Remote Control and uncheck 'Remove remote wallpaper' but I find this only helps for the users' desktop wallpaper, not the login screen wallpaper.

    I've emailed support, and messaged their support channel on Twitter. Unfortunately TeamView has all but ignored my messages, only asking me what version I am using, then ending the support case after my response.

  • Thank you so much for replying to this topic. Not only for giving directions on how to fix the issue, but also explaining why this is happening.

    I always wondered why a employee from TeamViewer never even responded to this question but now I can see that they probably just didn't want to. Just like they've done to you.

    Luckily, I hadn't reformatted either one of my mac's yet in hope of someone seeing this post and knowing a solution.

    Again, thank you very much.


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    My pleasure, glad I could help! It’s funny actually, I’m in the middle of a Twitter support chat with them about it and they’re directing me to send logs, etc. But in all honestly, I’m too busy to support my own issues, let alone collect logs. I’m just happy it wasn’t only me, LoL! I’ll post more if any updates.

    -- Mike