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640x480 Resolution after Windows Update

I use TeamViewer to control the computer at office after I am back home. After each day of work, I turn off the monitor at office to comply with the energy-saving policy of the company, but the computer remains powered on. However, after every (automatic) Windows 10 update, the remote monitor becomes 640x480, making the office computer unusable. I can only restore the 1920x1080 resolution by going back to the office the next day, and turning on the monitor physically.

Is there any way to prevent this from happening again? I have browsed through the forums and googled the issue, but the only solution I've found so far is not to turn off the monitor of the remote computer, which is not allowed by my company.


  • elio7elio7 Posts: 3

    I have this 640x480 resolution problem until today:

    On Device Manager / Monitors I have a different name, it was not my BenQ XL2411Z.
    So I just uninstall it and remove the software.
    Then download the last driver of my BenQ XL2411Z.
    Go to Device Manager and look for new hardware.
    Add the new monitor driver.
    Make sure it have the correct name.

    After this I can connect again in 1680 x 1050.

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