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How to force user to use two factor authentication



  • Definitely would like this capability.

  • Sasanda
    Sasanda Posts: 1

    Can't believe this feature is still not available in TeamViewer. It's been more than three years and still being considered. I think its high time to consider about another product.

  • Any Update on this is it even on the road map yet ?  I could Really Use this as well

  • 4 years later ?

    its a joke...

  • pcl
    pcl Posts: 1

    Any update on this?

  • To_By
    To_By Posts: 0

    Any Updates on this?

    Do you really need 5 years to roll out such a small feature?

  • TRKane
    TRKane Posts: 1
    edited March 30

    As we have been mandated to use 2FA to ensure PCI compliance and you have no way to even run a report to tell me which corporate users have it enabled (these again are corporate users... one's I pay for and which they have no rights to use this license of TeamViewer anywhere else... other than for corporate purposes using their corporate email which I can eliminate at my discretion... ie: these people work for me an as such, any program I give them access to does not belong to them). If you can not give corporate licenses the ability to enforce 2FA at a corporate level on commercial licenses, We will be moving to a competitor that will. I know for a fact **Third Party Product** can do this.

  • Alex_Tan_1
    Alex_Tan_1 Posts: 1 Newbie

    Any update on this topic? Another month to go before 5 years anniversary.😪

  • tldube
    tldube Posts: 1

    We have to flush Teamviewer from our array of tools as much as we liked it due to the lack of this feature. In 2021, for a company that claims to develop tech solutions, this is a joke. 2FA is required in every aspect of our managed network. This is a compliance requirement for many scopes... Your team should be urged to come up with a solution...