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Teamviewer 13 Audio Not Working

When I try to listen to audio from the remote computer, the audio doesn't work. I have checked, and the setting is checked off. Using Windows 8.


  • I have the same issue. Any fixes?>?>?

  • agam8414
    agam8414 Posts: 1

    Same issue. Where must I check if sound configuration is correct?? I think I've checked it all...

    I am using Linux Lite 3.6 Release 16.04 where I have installed the latest updated version of TeamViewer (13.1.3026), and sound works well if I reproduce mp3's or online radio locally. But If I connect remotely to my Windows Desktop 7 through TeamViewer, I cannot hear the sound from the remote Windows. It only happens if I connect  from Linux. From mobile or other Windows it works ok.

    Please, any solution?? 

  • Any news? I'm using Debian 9.5 Stretch with Gnome and I'm trying to get audio from my Windows 7 pc but the audio settings can't even detect Teamviewer application. Using Teamviewer 13 on both machines. Please don't force me to install Windows on my computer just for this! 

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