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Install TeamViewer on Arch Linux or Manjaro Linux

I downloaded teamviewer_13.0.5693_amd64.tar.xz to install in my Manjaro linux using the command below.

$ sudo pacman -U *.xz

It gave error below...

[sudo] password for shriji:
loading packages...
error: missing package metadata in teamviewer_13.0.5693_amd64.tar.xz
error: 'teamviewer_13.0.5693_amd64.tar.xz': invalid or corrupted package

I can get teamviewer 12 from community repository using

$ sudo yaourt teamviewer
But will like to get teamviewer 13.

Please suggest a fix.


  • I just install TeamViewer today on Arch Linux Antergos. The version it was installing from the pacman was 12. I downloaded the package for Other Linux distribution from this link After the download finishes just extraxt the package. Go to /teamviewer_13.0.5693_amd64/teamviewer and run the bash script file like so ./tv-setup. So the path would be /teamviewer_13.0.5693_amd64/teamviewer/tv.setup. I am not sure if you will have to run the tv-setup under sudo or not. I am new to linux, can't remember. After it gets done, you will have teamviewer command available on the command line. At the prompt just type teamviewer help.

    It will list all of the available commands

    TeamViewer 12.0.85001 (DEB)


    teamviewer Start TeamViewer user interface (if not running).


    teamviewer help Print this help screen.

    teamviewer version Print version information.

    teamviewer info Print version, status, id.

    teamviewer ziplog Create a zip containing all teamviewer logs (useful when contacting support).


    teamviewer license [show|accept] Interactively agree or show/agree to End User License Agreement.


    teamviewer setup Configure headless modes (non-gui/console)


    teamviewer passwd [PASSWD] Set a password (useful when installing remote (ssh).


    teamviewer daemon status Show current status of the TeamViewer daemon.

    teamviewer daemon start Start TeamViewer daemon.

    teamviewer daemon stop Stop TeamViewer daemon.

    teamviewer daemon restart Stop/Start TeamViewer daemon.

    teamviewer daemon disable Disable TeamViewer daemon - don't start daemon on system startup.

    teamviewer daemon enable Enable TeamViewer daemon - start daemon on system startup (default).

    You will want to start the daemon with teamviewer daemon start

    Then so you don't have to do this everytime you reboot you want to enable the service to start automatically with teamviewer daemon enable.

    I had to use sudo like so: sudo teamviewer daemon enable.

    But like I said I am new to Linux and just getting comfortable with it, but it worked for me. Wasn't very impressed with version 13 for Linux and went back to 12 however.

  • pacaur -S teamviewer-beta