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Windows 10 Insider Preview 15002 TeamViewer issues

After installing build 15002, the TeamViewer client causes BSOD's. So far, the BSOD is caused by checking for updates and attempting to enter options.


  • elbea64
    elbea64 Posts: 70 ✭✭

    Insider Preview 15002 has a lot of terrible issues, i reverted back to 14986.

    The really good thing about windows 10 is that all the cheap jokes about win 95 will work again.

    Customer: Hello, i have windows 10
    MS-Support: Hello, how can i help you
    Customer: I have a problem
    MS-Support: You said that already

    »We are all born unique, but most of us will die as a copy.«
  • lda74
    lda74 Posts: 2

    I used the build 15002 intensively for 32 hours so far and the only problem I've received is the BSOD Teamviewer 12 ...

    No more issues

  • Ho risolto parzialmente mediante l'uso dell'app Teamviewer: telecomando. Con tale app non ho riscontrato nesun problema, l'unico inconveniente è non è possibile utilizzare funzioni venire chat o video :'(Cattura.PNG

  • dagger
    dagger Posts: 3

    I have no problem connecting with my other computers, or creating and connecting to a meeting. The only time that my computer crashes is when I do a screen share. 


    I am able to use other applications to screen share no problem.

  • lda74
    lda74 Posts: 2

    updating to Insider preview 15007, I resolve all the BSOD too!!

  • dagger
    dagger Posts: 3

    Thanks, I am updating to 15007 now, and will confirm

  • dagger
    dagger Posts: 3

    I updated to Preview 15007 and I can now screen share.

    Thanks for the help 

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