From TV13 to previous TV12 get timeout for server to respond

AngeloGomes Posts: 5 ✭✭

Hi Guys, my machine is a Xubuntu 12.04

This week, I tried to update my two machines with Teamviewer 12 to  Teamviewer 13, however due to bug limitations on version 13 I had to downgrade to version 12, I downloaded the previous version an re-installed again in both machines, one of the machine I decided to make a clean installation of XUBUNTU too. I did had success re-installing teamviewer 12, but I noticed that in both machines, it cannot connect to Teamviewer  servers to login in my account, althoght it is ready for connection.This happens in both machines I have. The strange thing is that on my imac I see both linux machines connecting and desconnecting everytime each 1 minute or less.


Can someone  help me ?