Your partner did not confirm your query to view his screen.

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I used TeamViewer QS for Android and when the authorization is confirmed, the error "Your partner did not confirm your query to view his screen" appears. Before updating the firmware Team Viewer worked fine (but the firmware had to update because it was infected with viruses - a chinese smartphone), after updating firmware the authorization in QS ends with an error. I tried to give QS root-access and got one of two results - the first one - a black screen with a controlled touch screen; the second - the blinking screen in the client (aka a strobe) without stopping. **bleep**? QS was used by versions 11.0.4766,12.3.7266 and 13.0.7847, everywhere the same thing. Android 6.0.


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    I hv same issue...Plz reply teamviwer support team