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TV12 - Worst Update ever?

Does anyone else agree or have a work around for these issues?


  1. Once the customer has downloaded the software we then have to assign this user… Why is that? We didn’t used to.
  2. The user then again has to click allow when we attempt to join the machine… why, they have already downloaded the software and opened it so obviously want us on there. This was the problem I was having, the customer could not seem to understand they had to click allow… why give the customer more control, we are supporting them as they are not very good on PC’s so why make it harder for us!
  3. You have now made it so it is user based rather than PC, that’s great! No really it isn’t. We have customers who have multiple people (up to 9) on the machine so now we have to get each one to download the software, add the software, assign it and then allow!! That’s just ridiculous.
  4. You cannot have more than one engineer on the same PC each time!! This one is brilliant! More than often we have engineers at different locations who might need to log on and assist the first engineer.
  5. No unattended access anymore, brilliant for helping someone out of hours.
  6. UAC controls, if this is on and it comes up due to trying to run something, you can then do no more work until the customer comes back and allows you.


  • Scotty
    Scotty Posts: 494 Staff

    Hi Foxgaurd,

    I apologise for any inconveinince, I will attempt to answer your questions in order, However as you are using this commercially, it may be better to give us a call with your licence key so that we can resolve these issues with you.

    Please be aware that a lot of these statements are not the case and are not things that have been changed, but instead issues that we will need to resolve with you.

    1. Assigning a Host to a user is not mandatory. Also, if you use a custom host, this will should be assigned automatically, however there is a confirmation if you do not use MSI so the end user understands what they are agreeing to as they are going to be giving you access including the ability to change settings on their machine through policy.

    2. This pop up should only appear in 4 scenarios.

    a) One of the devices in the connection has access controls turned on (Under Extras> Options > Advanced)

    b) you are using QuickSupport with a session code and this is to make sure that they see who they are letting in and that the program has not been run by mistake.

    c) You have the person in your contacts list and rather than connecting with a password you are clicking “prompt for confirmation”

    d)The person making the connection is a free user with a high number of connections. This is a security feature to prevent misuse.

    3. We would need to know what operating system you are using this on as this should not be the case.

    4. What is causing you to not have multiple people to connect to one device? Are you getting an error message? This should also not be the case unless you have hit a licence limitation.

    5. TeamViewer does have still have unattended access. Can you please advise why do you believe otherwise?

    6. UAC Controls can be bypassed by using windows authentication as your connection method. You can enter these in the properties in your contacts or by clicking “Advanced” when connecting with an ID. As this is designed to not be controlled by devices, the only way to bypass it is to give TeamViewer admin privileges. 

    I hope this helps and if you can provide us with more information or raise a ticket with us so we can assist you with these issues.


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