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unable to full control the screen, but view only


i have a computer (i will call here server), and multiple client.

the server is ubuntu mate 17,04 (i have the same issue with 17,10, before going back to 17,04), with 13,0,6634

clients are under linux too, or mac, with the same teamviewer version.

on a client, when i connect to the server, with full screen control, i can only see the screen but can't controll the mouse.



  • Im running into the same issue, I have Team Viewer installed on both my Win10 and LinuxMint, I want to control the LinuxMint via my Win10, I connect, I can see the screen but I don't see any options for being able to take over control of the mouse. Is this feature only available in paid version or is there some fix to this issue?

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