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Is there a version of Teamviewer  i can install on a Samsung Series 7 Smart TV? When i go to the Teamviewer site it defaults to a linux download. But i think I need ot use the android app. 

Can anyone advise?




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    Hi kimdobranski,

    Thanks for your post!

    You can download the Android version by going to the download section of our page rather than clicking the button on the main webpage or this can be downloaded through the play store.

    We do not officially support all smart TV's, so only some Android TV's will work.

    However, to my understanding, newer Samsung Smart TV's use a proprietary OS called "Tizen", this OS is linux based (Like Android) but we do not have any support for this OS unfortunately.


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  • Any plans to make a Samsung Smart TV app? I'd love one!
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    Is there any progression made for the Tizen platform?

    We are facing the management of 8K screens with the latest Tizen OS on it.