team viewer does not work anymore!!


[Im using Windows 7]

So i have been using team viewer for years, now it suddnly dont work like i start it nothing show up i opened task mananger i can see TeamViewer in there but not processing its stuck at 6,800K memory usage , what first came to my mind when i opened team viewer website is that version 11 is outdated and i have to update i did update to version 12, now other problem happened that install is stuck at

" Create folder: C:\Users\Scorpion\AppData\Local\Temp\TeamViewer\TVInstallTemp "

Going to that folder didnt help anything i can see the folder there but the setup is now stuck at memory usage like stuck in task manager and memory usage not changing going to safe mode with networking team viewer will work, but launching windows normal it never opens

if anyone can help? thank you ^^


  • Reyhan
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    Hi @SakakibaraThank you for your post. We are currently working on this issue...

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  • Sheyda
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    I have the same issue, I'm using Mac, since I've installed it was working properly, but suddenly it doesn't connect to server any more and there were no ID & password shown as well.

    Ihope you can help me to fix it.