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mac remote doesn't respect swapped control&command keys

d3x0r Posts: 5

I have a Mac Mini I recently got; To make it easier to deal with, I reversed the control and command keys in settings on the mac.  When I use a keyboard local to the mac, control-Key works just fine as command-key used to.  and vice versa (for example ending a console program with command-c now instead of control-c; or saving a document with ctrl-S instead of command-S)

However, when I connect to the mac through teamviewer (from windows), the keys are still mapped so control is control and command (windows-key) is command.  It doesn't respect the reversed settings in the keyboard.

(png image of mac keyboard settings)


  • d3x0r
    d3x0r Posts: 5

    Maybe there could be an opton to rebind control and command keys for teamviewer?  This would allow teamviewer to make my experience more consistent across all remotes.  So maybe it's good that the keyboard settings don't apply.

  • you can go to the settings of your keyboard and allow to Ctrl+C or Ctrl+V as well and not only Cmd+C and Cmd+v. then you will no longer have this problem.

  • d3x0r
    d3x0r Posts: 5

    Please be more explicit.

    Keyboard settings on (which system?) (in temamviewer? I didn't find any?)


  • on your mac. By default your machine accepts the cmd+C but you can set a custom keyboard shortcut so that it also accepts the ctrl+c.
    This of course does not include the TV but is a small trick so that you don't have to be confused with which one to click.

  • d3x0r
    d3x0r Posts: 5

    I find behavior is pretty consistent... ctrl-w ctrl-s, ctrl-N ctrl-t ... all also work when they get swapped.

    Just maks aborting a terminal task using command-c the off-case which is OK.  I can live with that... ctrl-break would also be acceptable.( probably command break on a mac with reversed keys)

    Well... again, if teamviwer can't just use what the individual map is; it would still be (even more) useul to have those settings in teramvewier; OH I see you want per-key-combinations settings also?


  • Even better. only reason I swapped them is to make it easy for teamviewring in to the mac.

    Thing that relly grinds my gears is that even with swaping keys around the physical placement of equivilent keys on a non mac keyboard are different to when your translating windows fucniton son amcos keyboard etc.

    So switching from  PC keyboard to a mac keybopard is always going to destroy your touch typing musscle memory.

    If teamviewer had some waay of also accounting for this would be awesome.

    Like "I am using a pc keyboard layoput" as well as "emulate windows control" option.

  • Team Teamviewer, pretty please, it's just an option to swap two keys.

    ANIMATEK Posts: 2 Newbie

    Jokes on you for thinking they give an f.

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