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Blacklist or Whitelist

When using app to connect to one of my computers I get message saying I am blacklisted or not on whitelist? 

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  • I have the same problem connection from an ipad to a PC. Even though the ipad-ID is on the whitelist on my PC.

  • andmpel
    andmpel Posts: 1

    I'm also having the same issue. When attempt to connect to my Macbook Pro even though I am whitelisted it won't connect. However I can connect to any other of my devices without issue. I do have whitelisting enabled but I am added to the list. I've double checked. I've removed myself and readded myself just to be sure.

  • bartlanz
    bartlanz Posts: 315 ✭✭✭

    Have you tried turnning off the black/white list entirely and seeing if you can connect?

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  • alpo52
    alpo52 Posts: 2 ✭✭

    Deleting all the devices/computers in the White List appears to solve the problem.  I've had the same issue where Whitelisted computers are rejected on multiple devices.

  • Same problemhere. I have nothing listed in the blacklist or the whitelist but cannot connect and am told I am blacklisted. No idea how to fix it. Again, nothing shows up on either list when I go into the program. 

  • Is it possible to make white list of allowed domain which can create a tickets via Customer Portal and via mail?

    I now that, there is black list of not allowed domains, but we need white list.

  • our program is now a complete steaming pile of **bleep**. The blacklist **bleep** is not only a pain in the **bleep**, it makes it next to impossible to get the person on the other end connected. You should throw your **bleep** software the **bleep** in the trash. **bleep** **bleep**.

  • anup6022
    anup6022 Posts: 1

    My friend installed teamviewer in my pc and he saved all the credentials to his teamviewer. When i am doing my work on pc he is connected without my authentication. So how can i block the friend's access to my PC through teamviewer. If anyone have solution pleses share with me.

  • AlenaC
    AlenaC Posts: 530 Moderator

    Hi @anup6022 ,

    thank you for your post. If you want to deny him the access to your computer, you can add him to the black list.

    Please see in this article Black and whitelist how to create it.

    Let me know if we can provide you with more information.

    Have a nice day, Alena :)

    Alena C
    Spanish Community Moderator
  • kujaw
    kujaw Posts: 1

    I want to connect to a device using manually set password.

    Both devices are assigned to the same account.

    I set 'personal password' on both devices the same. I disabled 'Random password'. However, when I was to connect between them I get message "You are blacklisted or not whitelisted by this partner".

    I don't want to connect to a device without using password, I just want to use one constant password. Please help :)

  • Kev_Davis1
    Kev_Davis1 Posts: 1 Newbie
    edited April 1

    I have a remote computer that when I try to connect to it it says that I am Blacklisted. OK here's my question. How do I connect to this machine to remove me from the blacklist if I am blacklisted on it. Do I need to get installed somehow, another remote software like. **Third Party Product**?

  • Jessie123
    Jessie123 Posts: 0 Newbie

    I have same problem with remote computer. Some how I got blacklisted. Can someone explain how this black\white list system works? How I can remove myself from blacklist in the remote computer? Thanks

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