I can't find an option for file transfer in TeamViewer 13?

I've checked the permissions, and they were all fully available. There simply  isn't an option for file sharing, which was available in version 12! 

How do I transfer files now?

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  • bong69
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    Please answer his question huhu I need this too

  • Pzera
    Pzera Posts: 1

    Hello, ive installed the latest Teamviewer to linux mint x64, there is no option whatsoever for file transfer, the article on that link looks like older version of Teamviewer.

    Is the option disabled on free versions?

  • Jackinabox
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    Hi Pzera,

    Thanks for viewing the link.

    Unfortunately, the particular article regarding file transfer is directed at Windows users. 

    In regards to TeamViewer Linux features for the current version, please refer to the link below.


    Thank you for participating in the Community!


  • meaning they will work on file transfer, but it's not present at the moment. wow

  • br0ke
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    Omg guys why do you hate Linux users so much? Why do I can't just use all features on Linux? Why can't you develop the same app for both Windows and Linux (using Qt or some other OS-independent framework)?

  • eskovan
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    That linked article doesn't help. It just tells you to use methods that no longer seem to appear in Teamviewer v13.1.3629 H (as of 6/11/18)...

     Actually I discovered how to do it: You have to click on the blue & white Teamviewer box in the lower right corner on the computer you're controlling (extend it if it's slid in). The middle button looks like 'two pages', click that and a row that says 'File box' will open. You can then drag files to it to send to yourself. At the right end of that row is a Gear button, click that to open a dialog box to select & send a file from your computer to the remote one.




  • andymnc
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    yes man, since last update. before it wasn't possible at all with the version 13.x